Using TASC to teach the Slave Trade

I have been working with Belle Wallace's TASC Wheel to improve my student's problem solving and thinking skills. It is recommended that you read this document before you start these activities which are now available to download:

The TASC Slave Trade project

Gather and Organise (flip) the first stage of the project was to gather from memory everything the students knew about the Slave Trade

Identify (swf) the students were given a brief to produce a multimedia display about the Slave Trade

Decide (pdf) once the students had collected enough material about the Slave Trade they had to decide what was the most relevant and pertinent material

Throughout the Generating element of the project, students were allocated different roles: Team Leader, Scribe, Art Director and Monitor who used this assessment grid to assess the contributions made by the group

Evaluate (pdf) having completed the project in the ICT room the students then had to evaluate the end products as well as themselves

The final element of the project was for the students to reflect on what they had learned from their experience and they completed an assessment sheet based on the TASC wheel.

Designing a memorial to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the end of the Slave Trade, 1807

Design brief The students were challenged to use the TASC wheel to help them design a memorial showing the work of the anti-slavery movement. This worksheet guides them through the Gather, Identify, Generate and Decide elements.

Overview This is the handout given to teachers at the SHP workshop 2006 to give an overview of the whole project