Innovation at Henry Compton School

An Action research, cross curricular project bringing thinking skills into the classroom


Stefani Shedden (joint co-ordinator) Introduction
Claire Perry (Maths) 'Pure Brain Power'
Eleanor Mayes (MFL) 'Language building: Not just bricks, but mortar too'
Dan Lyndon (History)‘From the Elephant Gun to the Sniper - Improving pupils’ writing skills in History'
Louise Kleinbergs (EAL) 'Do they really know?':
Claire Carter (English) 'The Motivation Project -
Chris Cox (Geography) 'Chalk or Talk (How can we manage the Grand Canyon?)
Robert Kargbo (RE) 'Debating skills in RE


This project was disseminated to Henry Compton staff, October 2005 and to the DFES G&T Conference November 2005.

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