Download this document to see the topics that have been asked in the last 5 years of Edexcel GCSE SHP exams

The History of Medicine revision

medicine podcasts from BBC Bitesize:

Anatomy Diagnosis and Treatment Causes of disease Public Health Religion Surgery War

You should check out the BRILLIANT powerpoints from

The Liberal Reforms


War and Medicine in the 20th C

Science & Technology in the 20th C

Play these History of Medicine revision games

Ancient medicine walk the plank

Ancient medicine revision diagram

History of medicine penalty shootout

Renaissance revision diagram

Grade or No Grade medicine revision game

Grade or No grade public health game

And these brilliant revision games from Ian Walker's winkersworld website

Check out these fantastic revision films made by Miss Mancktelow from Walthamstow School for Girls:



and this one I picked up on youtube about Public Health in Victorian Britain:


and this one on Louis Pasteur and vaccinations:


and this one on Rosalind Franklin:


Medicine - 12 key people (pdf) This is a series of revision cards that can be cut and pasted into a revision poster based on the key events in the Medicine course

Medicine top trumps (word) A revision activity with the 12 key figures from the Medicine course

The Four Humours (13mb) A quicktime movie explaining how the Greeks believed in the Four Humours

Public Health Living Essay - Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Outtakes

You can see below how the Four Humours were linked with the seasons and the elements:

Ricky and Martyn's Black Death podcast; Yussif's podcast; Lewis' podcast