Nazi Germany Resources

Germany 1918-1924 Interactive Diagram Revision diagram covering the main events that followed the Treaty of Versailles

Living Timeline (pdf) A series of flash cards - dates and key events in Germany 1918-1945 that can be used as a Living Timeline. The event cards are colour coded to allow discussion of key themes: green for events leading to Hitler coming to power; Blue for Weimar - problems and solutions; purple for the Nazi consolidation of power; red for Anti-Semitism

Germany 1918-45 - 12 key events (word) This is a series of revision cards that can be cut and pasted into a revision poster based on the key events in the Germany course

Nazi bingo (word) Does exactly what it says on the tin

Treaty of Versailles Blockbusters (Activstudio blb) A series of questions about the Treaty of Versailles based on the Blockbusters format for the Activstudio Interactive Whiteboard

Hyperinflation (pdf) A worksheet showing examples of how prices rose.

Munich Putsch (pdf) A double page worksheet taking students through the events in Munich. Students finish by writing a speech for Hitler at his trial

1923 Year of Crisis (pdf) Students work in groups of 3 to produce a radio broadcast about the Year of Crisis which can be recorded using Audacity. There is a differentiated writing frame to help some students. You can also use this lesson plan which covers a double lesson on this topic.

The Depression and Weimar (pdf) a worksheet showing how the Great Depresssion impacted on Weimar germany (differentiated)

Essay plan - support for the Nazis (pdf) guidelines for writing an answer to the question 'Hitler's strong personality was the main reason for the increase in support for the Nazis between 1929 and 1933' Do you agree? Explain your answer


This film was made by Miss Mancktelow from Walthamstow School for Girls

Democracy to Dictatorship podcast (pdf) Instruction sheet for students. The task is to record an interview with eyewitnesses to the key events of the Reichstag Fire, the Enabling Act and the Night of the Long Knives

Teacher podcast (mp3) An audio version of the Democracy to Dictatorship podcast instructions

Lukas & Justin Aaron, Ashley & Joe Cameron & Dean Jerome & Abdul Suraj &John and John & Muhammed(mp3) listen to the student podcasts about the Reichstag Fire, Enabling Act and the Night of the Long Knives

The July Bomb Plot - a roleplay This is a structured roleplay a la Dawson and Culpin of SHP fame involving students putting themselves in the position of Hitler and Stauffenberg and working their way through the events of July 20th 1944