History of Medicine Resources

The History of Medicine display title (pdf) Using the woodcuts from Vesalius' Fabrica you can make a title for your display. See if you can work out which letter was changed using Photoshop! (pages 2-12, p 1 is a copy of the front page of Fabrica)

Egyptian medicine youtube clip of the Medicine through time BBC video

Roman Public Health (pdf) An ICT lesson in which students have to produce a booklet promoting the Roman Public Health system

Roman Army (pdf) A short written activity to explain why the Romans needed to improve public health, based on the text from p25 Essential Medicine through Time

Jerry Springer v Hippocrates (pdf) A worksheet to summarise the work of Hippocrates but in the style of the Jerry Springer show

19C Surgery sources (word) A source activity using four sources about surgery and asking students to compare and contrast

Anaesthetics and Antiseptics (ppt) A revision powerpoint summarising the key points of this topic

Surgery 'call my bluff ' starter (pdf) A starter based on the radio show - three definitions only one is correct

"Oops there goes his testicles!" A historical play about surgery (pdf) A role play / extended writing activity where students have to finish the play based on characters such as Dr Robert Liston and Nurse Seacole with appearances from key figures in the history of surgery

John Snow (pdf) A series of worksheets looking at the discovery of John Snow linking Cholera to dirty water, with GCSE source questions from paper 2

Pare and Vesalius (pdf) Flash cards for the activity on Ian Dawson's Thinkinghistory website

Ambroise Pare Material from the (now sadly defunct) BBC Medicine through Time website

Andreas Vesalius Material from the BBC Medicine through Time website

William Harvey Material from the BBC Medicine through Time website

Renaissance synthesis task (pdf) Pupils have to work in pairs to produce a 2 slide PowerPoint presentation on either Pare, Vesalius or Harvey and then in groups of 6 have to merge their material and write an introductory slide summarising each individual. The material comes from the webpages above.

Circulation of the blood Material from the BBC Medicine through Time website

The Royal Society (word) An information sheet with comprehension style activities

William Harvey (word) A paper two style exam using six sources about William Harvey with a markscheme

Vaccination timeline (pdf) A series of flashcards that can be used to create a living graph showing the fluctuating death rates after the introduction of vaccination campaigns, based on the graph in Essential Medicine and Health through time p73

Joseph Lister from the History Learning Site

Medicine top trumps (word) A revision activity with the 12 key figures from the Medicine course

Medicine top trumps instructions (word)

Medicine Living Timeline (pdf) All the cards that you need for the key dates and factors in the History of Medicine to create a Living Timeline - you may need some string to show how some factors stretched over a long period of time

Medicine - 12 key people (pdf) This is a series of revision cards that can be cut and pasted into a revision poster based on the key events in the Medicine course

Black Death podcast (mp3) and Podcast instructions / worksheets (pdf) you can use these to create a podcast about the Black Death in the middle ages. (Podcast software is available as a fee download from http://audacity.sourceforge.net/. Check out these student attempts below:

Ricky and Martyn's podcast; Yussif's podcast; Lewis' podcast

Lloyd George Cartoons A couple of source questions looking at Lloyd George and the Welfare State

Lloyd George and Bevan A handout for a hotseating activity/debate between the two individuals - which made the greatest contribution to public health in the 20th century? I gave the rest of the class this handout so they could prepare some questions for the competitors

National Health Service podcast (pdf) Create a podcast to celebrate the first anniversary of the National Health Service. Interview a pensioner about the improvements that have taken place.

A Living Timeline of 20th C Healthcare (pdf) Students have to place the cards in chronological order and then work out the themes, before explaining which factor was the most important in improving medicine in the 20th C

NHS Storyboard frames (pdf) for an activity based around the pathe films launching the new NHS. Students have to write out a script for a silent version of a Public Service Broadcast. You need to use the following films from Pathe to show examples of what the government produced: It's coming! and July 5th before the pupils dub over this film without the audio: It's coming (no audio)

Penicillin sources (pdf) A range of sources about Fleming, Florey and the development of Penicillin from the Edexcel SHP Specimen Paper 2

The Penicillin Game (word) A snakes and ladders game to give pupils an overview of the development of Penicillin

Penicillin Mindmap (pdf) A mindmap of all the factors that led to the development of Penicillin

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