Lieutenant George Albert Cairns V.C.

Your task is to write a webpage for Lieutenant George Cairns, a former pupil of Henry Compton School who was awarded the Victoria Cross for 'supreme bravery' in 1944. In order to be able to complete this task you should use information from the following documents that you can download:

Document 1 From the Fulham Chronicle July 1950 about the opening of the school memorial to Cairns

Document 2 Invitations to the opening of the Cairns memorial

Document 3 Extract from the London Gazette, May 1949, about the events leading upto Cairns winning the VC. Recent evidence now suggests that the date of the battle in which Cairns was killed was on March 18 1944, five days later than mentioned in the article (thanks to Anthony Staunton for the additional material)

Document 4 Extract from the press release from the Somerset Military Museum about how Ena Cairns found out about her husbands bravery

Document 5 Two pictures of Cairns

Document 6 Additional information from Document 3

Document 7 Extracts from the Daily Telegraph, May 1949, about the award of the VC to Cairns

Document 8 A photograph of Cairns' grave in Burma

Document 9 An extract from Victor Magazine showing Cairns' story, July 1964

You can also find information about Lieutenant Cairns on Wikipedia and on this from the Ministry of Defence.You can find some background about the battle here.

When you are planning your webpage you should think about the following things:

Before you start writing test your knowledge about Cairns with this quick matching exercise. See if you can get 100%!