Hiroshima Haikus

Hiroshima Haiku Poems by 9H1

Year 9 students were asked for their personal responses to the work they had studied on the Hiroshima bomb. The students were asked to write traditional Japanese poems called Haiku which have a very structured format of 5 syllables in the first line, 7 in the second and 5 in the third. Here is a selection of the best Hiroshima Haiku poems:







1 plan was made

1 plane brought the rain

4 Horsemen came


death and destruction

as far as the eye can see

what a waste of life




The life of thousands

the life of people has gone

terror in my eyes


Hiroshima bomb

Hiroshima bomb was dropped

Hiroshima bomb




Poor Hiroshima

the land where destruction lived

the grave of thousands


Everyone hurt

by radioactive gas

we don't deserve this




Hiroshima falls

Every building small and tall

Eighty thousand die